A gal walks into a bar…

Live music filled the air and vibrated the crowd.  The energy of Saturday night on Beale Street can rival a toddler playdate.  As I danced to blues and popular hits, I saw a man out of the corner of my eye that would change my life. I never would have believed we would get married and have two boys that would turn my world on its head.  Over the past ten years, I’ve been introduced and immersed into the Japanese culture.  For those who know me best, you have seen my transformation from the girl who ordered cooked salmon at the premiere sushi market in Tokyo to an eyeball-eating, sashimi-loving woman. Below you will see an old shot from the earlier days when the Japanese guy from Memphis introduced me to handmade udon, a chubby and chewy soup noodle.  I learned that slurping noodles is not only acceptable, it is necessary to eating soup noodles especially when wearing white. So much has changed and strecthed me over the years.  My gastronomical adventures have involved every organ and ranged from urchin that still moves on the table to pigs feet and hearty hearts.  My personal adventures have tugged on my heart.  I have questioned my cultural norms and struggled to understand a realm simultaneously so alike and so different from my own.  This summer I am taking the plunge of immersion with my boys and without my husband.  As I share this fascinating country with my boys and work to increase my own understanding of language and culture, I hope you enjoy the antics, insights, confusions, and joys of my time in Nipon with my favorite companions, Nico and Leo. Image



  1. Well when you put it like that…it’s hard to complain about missing you. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, Sweetie. I look forward to reading all about them! All my love to all, Mom xoxoxoxo

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