Long before this stay in the Japanese Alps, I traveled to another land full of verdant mountains. Instead of rice patties, there were sheep. Instead of sunny skies, there was a haze of fog and mist, which created a whimsical and mystical scene. There were no leprechauns, but I definitely found a pot of gold in rural Ireland.

My dad took me to Ireland after my high school graduation and fueled my passion for traveling. Dad, thank you for inspiring a life-long love of travel and life-long memories of bonding with you from Alcatraz to the Cliffs of Moher. I wish I could share my current mountain vista with you in person.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, who literally showed me how to climb mountains and never stop striving for the top. Happy birthday to my husband, who teaches our boys the same message, though more figuratively:) And thank you for giving our family the opportunity to create another generation of world travellers.



  1. Hope everything is great in your travels. Sound very exciting and very interesting.the boots are in grandpas & Nana’s thoughts. Thanks for thinking of me on Daddy’s Day! Arigato.

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